First I want to say that if you’ve never used a tablet on a stand for work, and have only used a mouse and keyboard with it on a case propped up, you’re missing out.

The added height alone makes a big difference in viewing comfort. It’s at eye level on a desk, so you aren’t crooking your neck or leaning forward to stare at the screen. But in this case with a simple yet elegantly designed stand by Anker, you get that as well as a powered USB 3 hub with a card reader and HDMI output.

Anker's 8-in-1 tablet stand with USB hub and HDMI 4K output

No more taking up valuable desk space with a separate USB hub and cords running everywhere. Now you can take your power cable and plug it into the stand, and then use the included (and usefully short) USB cable to attach the iPad and stand together. Now your iPad has power, access to an external monitor, SD cards, and 2 other USB 3 devices.

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The Tablet Stand’s Key Features

  • Elevates the tablet about x inches from the desk
  • Two-way angle adjustable – lean forward or back, as well as forward or backward on the holder portion of the stand. This way you can tweak to your ideal viewing angle.
  • 2x USB-A 3.0 ports
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • TF card reader
  • SD card reader
  • HDMI 2.0 port capable of 4K HDR output
  • 1x USB-C input power port (up to 100W)
  • 1x USB-C output port (to the iPad, data and power)

All of this in a small, easy to pack up footprint. The way this stand folds down makes it convenient to put into a backpack in a pocket. If you have a pack with a dedicated tablet/laptop sleeve like the Addax 25, this folded up stand sits nicely in the tech pocket next to the laptop sleeve.

For the things an iPad Pro does well with a mouse and keyboard at a desk, this tablet stand is excellent.

The Benefits of an Ergonomic Tablet Stand

For anyone who sits at a desk in front of a screen for a good bit of the day, I’ve learned that good ergonomics are huge. A lot of the time that term is used alongside fancy desk chairs promising to alleviate back pain and support the perfect posture.

But as a lifelong tech guy who’s spent a ton of time staring at screens, I’ve come to see that what’s just as important is the height and angle of the screen.

I’ve had a lot less chronic neck and shoulder pain since doing my writing on a raised iPad or MacBook screen. And having the screen a bit closer to me, which this stand makes easy without crowding the keyboard, also stops me from leaning forward as much.

Anker’s Stand vs. the Apple Magic Keyboard

Yes, the magic keyboard does elevate the iPad up off the desk a bit. Better than a typical tablet case with a built-in stand. But in my opinion, not high enough.

It works well in a pinch for on-the-go usage in and out of a backpack for the day, but for real work at a desk I find the Anker’s height far more useful.

I use a Logitech MX Keys Mini keyboard with all of my devices, so for me that makes a better pairing than the otherwise convenient all-in-one approach of the Magic Keyboard.

When I’m on the move around the house or elsewhere I can simply pluck the iPad off the Anker stand, or set it back in and connect it to the hub to instantly turn the iPad into a workstation.

Interested in buying one? If this information has been valuable and it’s been a great review, please consider following my affiliate link below. You can buy the knife at no additional cost to you, and I will receive a small commission that helps support my efforts here.

Check this stand out on Amazon here.

Will This Stand Work With iPad Cases?

Anker’s own website says no, but my experience has been yes.

11 inch iPad Pro sitting in Anker stand, within a case

As you can see, this 11″ iPad Pro is using a Speck folio case and sits nicely in the Anker stand. The fold of where the case’s front cover goes behind the case protrudes slightly from the bottom, which actually fits nicely into the curved seat of the stand.

I’ve had similar luck with the larger 12.9″ iPad in the Logitech Combo Touch case — it also sits nicely into this stand with no issues. (And I’ve gotten it to fit with a TineeOwl case (somewhat thicker) as well.

Will This Stand Work With A Galaxy Tablet Also?

Yep. While I have featured it being used with iPads, the USB-C functionality is universal, and Galaxy Tabs fit nicely into the cradle as well.

When I had a Galaxy Tab S9 I used it in this stand as well, and had no issues.

Can You Connect An External Hard Drive To This Hub?

Yes. Some answers on Amazon suggest no, that 5V is not enough power to properly power an external drive.

This answer frankly suggests a lack of understanding of external drives, since all USB-A drives have historically always been 5V and are built to run on 5V. That didn’t change simply because of USB-C being a thing.

If anything, external SSDs require less power than older Western Digital Raptor drives that used to take 5V at 750mA (rather than USB-A’s typical 500mA). The point is, 5V is a standard and these drives are built for it.

But that’s not conjecture — I’ve plugged drives into this hub myself and they work fine as long as the hub is plugged in and powered.

The main reason newer drives have USB-C ports is that USB-C allows for substantially faster transfer speeds, which modern SSD can take advantage of. The type C port has nothing to do, in this case, with power needs of the drive.

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