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When an equal penchant for electronics and the changes they make in our lives meet, you get what we hope this site becomes. A community-driven place to find details on the gadgets we’ve had occasion to try, as well as a discussion point for the disruptive technologies that shape our day-to-day.

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Disruptive Technology: A Primer

Disruption. In this case, Tech Target defines the term disruptive technology as something that shakes up an industry so hard it’s never the same, or even technology that creates a new industry altogether.

Facebook: A Look At Data and Money

The recent Facebook debacle has turned a lot of attention to things many folks have been unconcerned with since its inception. But let’s back up and look at user alienation that went on before that: patterns for what they are.

Product Reviews

Olight’s M2T Tactical 1200 Lumen Flashlight Review

One of the newer additions to the Olight family: the M2T tactical light. With a pocket-friendly size and 1200 lumen max output, this versatile little light offers a relatively affordable solution for law enforcement and enthusiasts.

Olight M2R Warrior LED Flashlight Review

Pocket flashlight size. Big beam power. Enter the Olight M2R Warrior, one of the newest additions to the flashlight company's lineup of rechargeable 18650 lights. One of my first serious flashlights many years ago was the Olight M20 Warrior, back when 230 lumens on a...

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