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Recommended Flashlight For An EDC/Get Home Bag: Nitecore MT2A

There are plenty of recommendations savvy folks could make here, but I've got one flashlight in particular I'd recommend for both everyday carry and especially for a get home bag. I'll get into my reasons for recommending the Nitecore MT2A below. At first glance the...

Maxpedition Riftpoint For EDC and Camera Gear Review

Two things I have come to prize over the last year or so, especially as I've gotten more into photography: still having maneuverability and having the storage be tight and organized. One of the larger Swissgear backpacks I'd been using (18.5" tall, 8.5" deep, 12"...

Kassandra vs. Alexios – AC Odyssey Play Throughs

First off I'll say that I have a 100% completion with Kassandra under my belt, meaning I cleared every question mark on the map and did every side quest, as well as all story and DLC quest. On a second play through as Alexios, I have thus far made it to level 45 (as...

Tamron 35mm f2.8 Firmware Update Issues For Mac

Tamron's 35mm f2.8 lens and 2 other primes (the 20mm and 24mm) M1:2 are at sort of an awkward in between point in terms of the evolution of how Tamron wants you to update the firmware. And in my case, and many other Mac users from what I've read, there are some...

Lumens vs Candela In Practical Usage

Some of these terms are confusing, especially when one flashlight manufacturer's marketing materials focus more on one of them, while another manufacturer talks about the other. How do you compare? We'll give a simple answer first, and then unpack it a bit more for...

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