Problem: Have used the Sound BlasterX G6 with laptops and my iPad Pro for a couple years now without issue, but now all of a sudden when I plug the sound card into the iPad there is no sound output.

It shows the G6 in the control center and has the check mark next to it, indicating it’s the active sound device being used.

I tried different cables, from a MicroUSB->USB-C to a MicroUSB->USB-A (older plug) with a USB-A to USB-C adapter, and neither made a difference. That rules out cables being the issue here.

Solution: I got out my powered USB hub and connected the G6 through that, and the sound worked properly. My guess is that one of the iPadOS updates made changes that if a USB device draws too much power not to allow it.

That would explain why it works fine when connected through a USB hub, since the hub is powering the sound card. This is an easy fix if you’re at a desk and happen to have a USB hub.

It is a little unfortunate, though, since this seems like yet another example of where the iPad Pro, even the 12.9″ version, has an artificial limitation that makes it inferior to using a MacBook for certain daily tasks.

Sure, the iPad doesn’t have as big a battery as the MacBook so perhaps Apple did not want a high-draw device to be able to worsen the iPad’s battery life. But when it comes to a peripheral like this, shouldn’t that be up to the user?

Oh well, since I am primarily using the G6 at a desk and have a hub, for me the answer is straightforward. I’ll just use wireless headphones when I’m mobile.

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