Product Review Sponsorships Welcome

Looking for growing channels to review your products and spread the word?

iPad Pro compared against the Surface Pro 7

I’ve reviewed all kinds of products over the years — many on YouTube and many on blogs before that.

Some of these reviews were from brands reaching out and offering a review copy of a product, which I am always open to as long as the product is in-line with my general content.

Interested? Let’s get in touch!

Types of Products I’m Open To Reviewing:

  • Flashlights
  • Pocket knives and other EDC gear
  • Camping equipment
  • Electronics like tablets, computers, music players, headphone amps
  • Audio gear: speakers, amps, headphones
Denon AHD5000 new pads product demo

My Offer For Sponsorships Exchange

Everybody works a little diffrently with this sort of thing. Here is the format I prefer, that I have found works best over many iterations.
  • I’ll provide a mailing address and you can send me your product.
  • I ask that you give me 1-2 weeks from receiving your product to thoroughly test it and create a review.
  • I can publish the review on this site as a written piece or as a video on Youtube, or both.
  • I will send you URLs to the review material once complete.
  • I strive to be as honest as I can in these reviews. That means that, even when you provide a review copy product, I will still provide open feedback about what I thought was great and what was not.
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