When I first started using the Magic Keyboard I was like, “Yes… this is the final form of the iPad.”

But after a while it began to feel like I was using it more as a laptop than as an iPad. For certain tasks, though, I still preferred my actual laptop. When I went entire days doing work on my iPad Pro, I realized I was doing it because I wanted to use the iPad and not because it was the best tool for the job (for me).

What I think is the biggest drawback of the Magic Keyboard is that when you remove the iPad to use it as a tablet, it now has no protection. Maybe that’s not a big deal when you’re sitting on your couch, but there are plenty of situations where I’d prefer having a case. With the Magic Keyboard, the protection comes at the cost of the iPad constantly having to be in laptop mode and never being able to just be an iPad.

I think the real strength of the iPad Pro is its versatility — especially compared to a laptop. But that versatility is diminished when it’s stuck to a keyboard all the time.

What seems like a better setup is Logitech’s Combo Touch keyboard.

I haven’t yet used it and will write about it once I do, but what immediately strikes me about it is that it provides a case for the iPad that includes a kickstand for tablet mode, and has an attachable keyboard to provide what the Magic Keyboard provides.

Except that with the Combo Touch, the keyboard can be detached without removing the case. I like that.

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