According to Sigma, the majority of the known dust intrusion issues were resolved as of lenses with serial numbers 55641775 or higher.

I own a DG DN Art 24-70 with a serial number after this point, and can report that I’ve brought it with me into dusty construction sites and active home remodels and don’t see any noticeable dust looking into the front element.

Luckily, as others have noted, the dust that does get into certain variants of this lens does not show up in pictures. Still, it is a bummer and doesn’t send the right message about a pro lens

What people were saying was happening to their earlier model 24-70 Sigma lenses…

The zoom mechanism was apparently letting dust particles into the barrel over time, with dust on the part that protrudes being sucked back inside when the lens was retracted.

Higher end zoom lenses that avoid this issue do so with premium seals, and many folks aptly drew comparisons to Sony’s 24-70 GM lens which is a similar lens in many regards, but never had issues with dust intrusion.

The issue was consistent, but was somewhat hit or miss.

Some folks said they never had issues with dust, even on the original releases of the lens. Others, unfortunately, said that even after sending their lens into Sigma for warranty work, where Sigma installed the upgraded seals.

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