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Mixed Feelings About The Spyderco Shaman

This knife isn't new, and my getting my hands on it to review certainly wasn't blowing doors open for any knife enthusiasts. But in a way, using a product with so much fanfare already in existence can be a strange experience. In some ways you're excited to be wowed...

AC Valhalla: Dag The Contrived, Annoying Dog

Assassin's Creed Valhalla's support character Dag eventually feels like a contrived pain in Eivor's butt, behaving the way a viking does shortly before he gets an axe in the face. Minor spoilers ahead if you care. Early in the game, like the first time you meet him,...

My Experience With An M1 MacBook Pro vs. Surface Pro 7

First off, yes I realize that the Surface Pro 7 is not a laptop and some people might consider this an unfair comparison. The rationale here is that while the iPad Pro is a tablet like the Surface, the iPad is not using a "full" OS and that affects what it can do. As...

Product Reviews

Is the iPad Pro Really… Pro?

I like the M1 iPad Pro a lot. I've even been using it primarily instead of my Surface Pro for a month now, for some background as a lifelong Windows user. However, as much as I like it in many regards, there are some glaring shortcomings that really do grate some...

Is Olight’s S2R II A Worthy Upgrade?

The original Olight S2R was one of the first review flashlights I ever did back in 2016. I'd had one or two Olights before that, but the S2R changed the way I thought about an EDC flashlight since it fit nicely in the pocket in a way that the larger lights I'd been...

The Airpods Max via Cable With Apple Lossless

I had briefly used the Airpods Max via cable when I first got them -- at that time using Amazon Music HD lossless. I had appreciated that there was more to the sound via cable than via bluetooth, but most of my use for the Airpods Max at the time was wireless, so...

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