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Sigma 24-70 DG OS Art Adapted To Canon RF

Anyone starting out in photography has to explore how to build out a lens collection, especially if they want to work professionally. Canon's RF mount system has a lot of great features, like lightning fast autofocusing and control rings for flexibility, but...

Dragon Quest 3 Fun Party Ideas – Switch Remake

I've played through the early parts of Dragon Quest 3 many times with different party setups. This last play through, as of writing this, has been by far the smoothest and most fun in my opinion. Below I'll list that out, then explain the rationale and some of my...

Adapting EF Lenses on the Canon EOS R

Canon's new and growing RF lens line has a lot going for it, from fast autofocusing to 5-stops of image stabilization in some of them. It's a cool time to be a Canon shooter, or like me, new to Canon's more serious cameras. But what I found to be one of the most...

After blogging about tech, games, self development and a variety of other topics on a personal blog that became a hodge-podge of interests, Digimorphosis was born of a desire to make an all-tech website (and YouTube channel).

So much of the tech space is puff pieces to sell stuff, to ramble on, or work an angle. My product reviews and gaming thought pieces are my own – just one man’s perspective in the hopes that others find them interesting or helpful.

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