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Relieving The Airpods Max’s Clamping Pressure

I like a lot of things about the Airpods Max, but like many have commented they tend to have a tight clamping force. Depending on your head shape and whether you wear glasses, this can end up being pretty uncomfortable after wearing them for awhile. But there is one...

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The Problem With Diablo 4’s Campaign Story

This is not to say I haven't enjoyed playing Diablo 4. With how many people have already trashed the game I don't want to appear to be needlessly piling on. But this is an exploration of a thought that occurred to me playing through the campaign, where as I finished...

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Twitch’s “Just Chatting” Streams

TwitchMetrics.com states that as of July 2023 "Just Chatting" is #1 on their top 10 list of streams. I found that surprising at first, especially because just-released games like Diablo IV come in #7 on that list. On YouTube, if you follow gaming at all, Diablo IV has...

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What To Look For In A Headphone Amp/DAC

There's a lot of jargon and marketing fluff when it comes to any sort of audio equipment. Particularly in "HD music" since there's often the need to justify the premium prices for standalone DACs. If a cheap $15 dongle claims it can do 92KHz 24-bit sound, what's the...

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