Pocket flashlight size. Big beam power. Enter the Olight M2R Warrior, one of the newest additions to the flashlight company’s lineup of rechargeable 18650 lights.

One of my first serious flashlights many years ago was the Olight M20 Warrior, back when 230 lumens on a high mode was considered pretty beefy. I’ve done quite a few flashlight reviews that include Olight’s newer lights, so I was excited to have the opportunity to try this modern successor to one of my old favorites.

For outdoor beam shots and comparison against 3 other lights I had on hand, check out my video review below. 

Other lights I compared the M2R to:

Impressions of The M2R’s Beam

The moderately deep bezel of the M2R gives it a respectable throw distance. The box rates it at 208 meters, and while I didn’t have a good space to test at quite that distance I can say that it hit detail in the back of my yard pretty ( 50 feet/15 meters) well where other lights have fallen short.

Its sheer volume of light is less than wider bezeled lights like the TD16 and R50, but I found the M2R’s beam to be a usable cool white with a focused hotspot. In my own collection, it fills a niche right between the S2R mini baton and bigger lights like the R50.

Though you’d definitely have to dress for it to be comfortable, the M2R is fairly pocket-sized and packs a lot of luminosity in that regard.

The higher of the two medium modes puts out plentiful light, and stepping up into high really illuminates a good width around you. By the time you step up into turbo mode you have to be careful you’re not bothering the neighbors.

Impressions of Features

The build quality is top notch on this light. There is no battery rattle, the buttons all feel solid and have no play, and the anodized aluminum body seems like it could easily take a fall with little more than cosmetic damage.

One thing I like about all the newer Olight models is that the included lanyard comes with a small pin attached that makes threading it through the small hole on the tail of the flashlight easy. We’ve all probably had a light or two where stuffing the lanyard through there was a pain. This kind of thing shows an attention to detail and dedication to the user that means something.

The included pocket clip is longer than some lights at this size, so your opinion may vary there. The up side of that is it works well in jacket pockets or while attached to a backpack or laptop bag. But it may be a little large for a pants pocket.

The tail button as a quick-on to the mode of your preference is a nice touch. You might be walking along on a lower setting and need to quickly shift into turbo or strobe, for instance. Or you may need to pull the light out of a pocket and quickly enter one of those modes whether for utility or self defense, and this is exactly the kind of feature that feels at home on a flashlight that calls itself “warrior”.

The included USB charger cable (with a magnetic tail cap attaching end) charges a little slowly, but is otherwise very convenient. First, it’s small and easy to tuck into any bag for travel so you always have a way to keep the light charged up, but also because having it means you don’t have to buy a special li-ion 18650 charger. (And even if you have one, this is far easier for travel.)

Other specs:

  • 5+ brightness modes, including moonlight mode that lasts over 25 days and a turbo mode with 1500 lumens
  • Max throw 208 meters
  • IPX8 water resistant
  • 1.5m impact resistant
  • Side braile button for easy finding in the dark
  • Lanyard and USB charging cable for included 18650 battery

Where To Buy

You can pick one of these bad boys up here:

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