Most of the time Linkimals connect with each other right away, pretty seamlessly. Sometimes, though, a new Linkimal has a little trouble pairing with existing ones you have in your home.

Or, you’ve had a group of them and took one elsewhere and used it, and then that one no longer follows along with the others when it comes back home.

What do you do?

How To Reset Your Linkimals

Luckily, the process is pretty simple.

You’ll notice near the battery compartment on each Linkimal there’s a recessed switch.

Before you press it, make sure all your Linkimals are turned off. Then, one by one, press the switch on each of the Linkimals to reset them.

Once they’re all reset, turn them back on again one by one. Once they’re all back on, they should all properly communicate with one another again.

What’s important is that you reset all your Linkimals, and not only the one that isn’t communicating with the others.

99% of the time, this method resolves any issues with Linkimals not syncing properly with each other. Generally you don’t need to do this when adding a new Linkimal to your child’s collection, and the new one should join in automatically once turned on.

But if the new Linkimal does have trouble syncing, follow this same procedure.

What Can Cause This Issue?

Sometimes it just happens on its own. But in my experience, it often happens if you bring one with you on a trip away from the others and use it.

One time we brought Panda with us to a doctor appointment for our son to play with, and when we got back she didn’t communicate properly with the other Linkimals anymore.

They would all talk to each other, but not Panda, and activating Panda only had her talking alone. The above procedure, after a couple tries to get it right, did resolve everything.

It’s kind of random, since there have been other times we’ve brought singular Linkimals on trips and they worked just fine when we got back home and rejoined the others.

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