I was first alerted to this in a Discord chat about crypto. At first I wondered if the scam part of this was more to do with exchanges posing as Binoiron, but after doing additional digging around it seems the entire Binoiron website itself is the scam.

The idea these scammers are operating with is to get ahold of your deposit money, but also to collect your information while doing it to (they hope) also be able to access your other crypto exchange information and clean you out.

They posed a fake BTC giveaway to lure people into hurried and excited submissions. “You’ve won 0.42 BTC!” they claim.

With the current value of BTC as of this writing, that’s an understandably alluring offer. What they ask in return is you create an account on their site and enter your promo code, which is presumably part of how they track you and tie other information they collect to you.

As @Debaucus explains on DNDW.net, if you used a different password on Binoiron.com than you’ve used with that particular email address with other sites you should be ok. Any other sites you’ve used that same combination of email address and password are at risk, otherwise.

Any personal information you submitted to Binoiron will likely be used for nefarious purposes, and should now be treated with a corresponding sense of urgency.

Same story for exmycap.com messages, which are using similar techniques to steal people’s information, and then by extension, their cryptocurrency.

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