For a decade I’ve been blogging about tech in various ways, but often on personal blogs or sites with a whole bunch of other pretty unrelated topics.

Side product and game reviews that I’ve been covering, and this site is slated to feature more of going forward than my personal blog, at this point I also thought I’d take this site in another direction and focus much harder on it being a crypto blog.

The value of blogging about crypto…

Crypto is a pretty nebulous space. It’s perhaps less so than it was a few years back when the concept still struck the typical person you’d mention it to as “just a scam”.

Even as people begin embracing cryptocurrency as investment opportunities and the idea of having a digital wallet becomes not-so-farfetched, the tech as a whole still seems like sci-fi to the average person.

It’s also a space, from what I’ve observed thus far, that is largely dominated by finance experts and extremely technical people, such as software engineers and similar fields. They can talk about some of these topics at an advanced level that flies right over the head of that same average person, and Googling explanations can be an exercise in frustration.

And so as I’ve done with many other topics over the years successfully, I’ll share my own experience of it as I learn, with a specific focus in understanding more and more of it myself enough that I can explain things that interest others in simple terms.

And as I go and have started acquiring momentum in the space, perhaps also be a resource even for the savvier folks out there either looking for ways to share information or to quickly grab some new stories.

At the time of writing this initially, doing a Google search for “blogs about crypto” makes it pretty clear how thin this space currently is.

The top results are articles about top crypto celebrities or breakdowns of the major cryptocurrencies. Or simply articles various bloggers have written with recommendations about blogs worth following.

In the latter case that’s ok stuff as far as answers go. Presumably (unless those posts are just pandering for traffic).

But to me the fact that Google only shows other people talking about what crypto blogs to recommend and doesn’t itself just straight up show blogs about crypto signals that it isn’t entirely sure who’s relevant either. Or if there even are enough options it deems worthy.

(In a brief search Liquid seemed to be one of the best results for that search query in terms of relevance.)

That signals an opportunity to be of value as a blogger in the crypto space.

Conception of crypto-focused blogging…

When I first came up with the name Digimorphosis in 2017 it seemed like a cool way to signify our collective evolution into a digital lifestyle. One marked by the devices we bring with us everywhere, how we are entertained, where we spend our time, and how we communicate.

Up until this point I’ve done far more with the concept on YouTube than on this site, but even that has largely been product reviews put on the channel because it seemed simpler than coming up with yet another channel for reviews.

I want the blog to be about all things tech that interest me, but what it means for making Digimorphosis a crypto blog in itself is an entirely new level of frequency and dedication. Keeping up in any meager capacity with the fire hose of news in this space is an undertaking.

My vision going forward is that I’ll have guest contributors — either those that submit pieces themselves to share or pieces I can write based on interviews and podcasts we do together.

Speaking of which, if you’re involved in some level in a crypto project, and/or projects centered around the decentralization movement, contact me to discuss. It’d be interesting to see how I could be involved.

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