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Facebook’s Meta and AI-Driven Advertising

Recently the company Facebook/Meta discussed exploring AI for its advertising. In part, this move may have been part of their plan to coexist alongside the "metaverse" -- a term Zuckerberg did not invent but was happy to appropriate as a distinctly Facebook thing....

Recommended Fallout 4 Mods For A New Play Through

I'm working on build a fairly comprehensive list of Fallout 4 mods I've used, ones I would recommend based on how they improved the game. Especially if they are mods I find myself using every time. Here's a quick overview for this post so you can quickly hop around to...

AirPods Max: EQ or Dolby Atmos for Apple Music?

A lot of people are excited about Dolby Atmos tracks on Apple Music, particularly for the claims about it increasing the dynamic range of those tracks. I was willing to try it myself, though a bit skeptical because personally I've not been impressed with most of...

Rank Math Killed Indexing and Cost Me A Client

I made that switch a ways back to using Rank Math on several of the websites I admin, interested to try a plugin so much of the SEO community was talking about. For awhile it was fine, and I liked that some of the baked-in features meant I could slim down my plugins...

Product Reviews

CRKT Pilar III Review: A Beefy Mid-Sized Folding Knife

The good: Aesthetically, this is a very good looking knife. The handle ergonomics feel great in the fingers, and the blade shape lends itself well to heavier cutting tasks. I personally like D2 steel for its durability. People say it's hard to sharpen but I guess I've...

Can the Civivi Baby Banter Hack It As an EDC Knife?

I love the idea of a minimalist EDC knife, with a blade size that's legal basically everywhere and disappears into the pocket from negligible weight. But sometimes the aim of being mini works against practicality, as was my experience with the Leatherman Squirt PS4....

SOG PowerPint & Leatherman Squirt PS4 as Everyday Pocket Multitools

When you open up something new -- whether it's a tool or a toy -- that initial wow or eh carries into the rest of the usage. Sometimes it's not quite what you expected, and the other positives you come to experience after are punctuated by failed expectations. But...

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