From MetaFactory today comes a fun bit of news in the digital space. (See the Twitter post here.) MetaFactory is selling a branded t-shirt to support an entirely digital entity known as 88mph.

This is the shirt here. It’s a fun visual play on Back To The Future.

Check out their site ( by the way — aside the info about their project, it’s one of the more unique designs I’ve seen in a website in quite awhile. Feels like exactly the kind of space you might expect for an entirely digital organization.

One thing that stood out to me when perusing their website is the “Funding” section where it mentions ecosystem grants. Beyond all the typical loans and investment material all over the website, the ecosystem grants are a cool mutually beneficial avenue for developers.

The idea is that teams looking to develop tools, in this case specifically that could enhance 88mph as a platform or its efficiency as a financial institution, can apply for a grant to fund their work.

That’s a viable way to launch teams who might have a lot of talent but lack the funding needed to actually act upon their ideas. For 88mph, it’s a clever investment to support innovators in the space that happens to directly benefit them as well.

One group gets a major resume point, and the other gets tangible improvements to their system.

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